Malai, figuratively meaning “cream of the crop,” and literally translating to “milkfat,” in a North Indian language, is an ice cream company that draws inspiration from globally-sourced whole ingredients, aromatic spices, and unexpected twists on old classics. Our super-premium ice cream is handcrafted, eggless, and churned with very little air, resulting in purer, more robust flavors, as well as the lightest, creamiest textures you can find.

Malai was launched in 2015 by Pooja Bavishi.  Pooja’s interest in flavor development and fragrances of unique spices can be traced back to her childhood. On any given morning, you could spot Pooja taking long whiffs of her parents’ chai often before they took their first sip, a practice that they patiently indulged.  Although atypical, this was the first step into a lifelong passion for experimenting with aromatic spices, global cuisines and unconventional flavor pairings.

Pooja continues to craft all of Malai’s ice cream by hand at Brooklyn FoodWorks, and is continually energized by introducing her passions to more people.

Named one of the best ice cream spots in NYC, Malai is the second business to participate in Gotham Market at The Ashland’s neighborhood incubation program. The market will host a rotating selection of Brooklyn-based business owners in four-month sessions, offering local food purveyors the opportunity to feed the market’s hungry customers and raise awareness for their businesses, while operating in one of the most exciting new food destinations in Brooklyn.